Voyager Project (2018)

Voyager Project is a local co-operative experience that requires two players to work together in entirely unique roles as they explore Eos, a space station beneath the surface of Pluto. It was developed in Unity with a team of nine as part of the capstone project for my Bachelor of Games and Interactivity at Swinburne University, from March to November 2018.

In October 2018 Voyager Project was one of six games selected for the Student Showcase at the Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) 2018 conference for game development, and it was later nominated for the “Student Game Award” and “Excellence in Design” categories at the Freeplay Awards 2019.

For this project I worked as the lead programmer and a designer. As a designer I collaborated with the team to design the mechanics and puzzles, as well as developing the narrative and atmosphere of the design.

As lead programmer I worked with a core team of three other programmers, and my role included team leadership, coordination with other disciplines, task planning and delegation, code documentation and review, and the designing and implementing of several core features of the game.

One of the features I designed and worked on was a completely original network architecture, which included a server console program and the corresponding client-side code and user interface. This was created from the ground up, using the .NET framework independently of Unity, due to the unique nature of the game design.

Other features that I was responsible for include a power circuit system, which allows interactable objects to be powered by generators and circuit breakers, as well as several designer tools which helped to visualise various code systems and assist the testing and debugging process.


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