Rum: Pirates of The Drunken Sea (2014)

Rum is a tile based board game that I designed and developed over the course of 2014 with two different groups. The game was later shown at PAX Australia 2015 as part of the “Meet The Designer” event in the tabletop games area. I oversaw the development of this project as a creative lead, was heavily involved in the design and specification of the rules, and was solely responsible for presenting it at PAX.

The first stage of development involved concept design over a period of 3 months, during which we conducted testing and created several paper prototypes. The outcome was a design document and a pitch presentation.

Following this, the concept was brought forward to development with another group, during which time the game mechanics were revised, art assets were created, and the board game was produced. The final product included a rule book, wooden tiles, a spinner, a deck of event cards, and ceramic player ships.

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