Level Squared (2017)

Level Squared is a minimalist 2D puzzle platformer, with a unique “projection” mechanic and physics-driven puzzles. It was developed in Unity, with a team of eight students, as part of the capstone project for the Bachelor of Computer Science (Games Development) at Swinburne University of Technology, from July to November 2017. It was then showcased at PAX Australia 2017 in October.

After development, Level Squared went on to win “Best Student Game” at The Game Awards 2017, in Los Angeles, and was nominated for the “Across the Ditch” award at Play By Play 2018, in Wellington. As a team, we then founded Glitch Crab Studios in early 2018.

For this project I worked as a programmer and sound director. I focused primarily on developing game mechanics and visual effects, as well as working closely with the composer to design the soundtrack and integrate it into the gameplay.

Some of the key features that I designed and developed include the “Undo” system, which allows players to undo their moves and revert the game state, and the “Switch” system, involving pushable buttons that are connected to various game components, such as doors, moving platforms, and anti-gravity fields.

Additionally, I designed and implemented a music system which introduces the soundtrack gradually, triggering additional layers of music at key moments of the game.


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